Los Arcos


  • Cinca scenic overlook

    Spectacular views of the Cinca Valley, the Pyrenees and the old village of Aínsa.

    1,5 km
    33 m
    30 min

    Cruz Cubierta
    4 km
    115 m
    1h 30
  • Usana

    Walking through its streets and passages and getting lost for its innumerable corners will provide a pleasant walk.
    Optional: climb to the forest and make the signposted walk.

    0,5 km to 1,5 km
    50 m
    30 min to 1h 30
  • San Victorián and Espelunca

    San Victorián is the oldest monastery (VI century) of which we have data. It is located in a fascinating place in Peña Montañesa.
    We propose the walk to the Hermitage of the Espelunca (PR trail).

    3,8 km. round trip
    200 m
    1h 30 to 2h
  • Cotón hill

    Spectacular views of the Cinca Valley, the Pyrenees and the old village of Aínsa.

    From Aínsa
    8,5 km
    250 m
    2h 30 to 3h

    From Morillo (Camping)
    5,5 km
    230 m
    2h to 2h 30
  • Partara - Ena river

    Shares its start with the "Coton Hill" route, but this rises to Partara (859 m).
    Sit on the bench and enjoy the Pyrenees. The descent is entertaining and wades the Ena River of temperate waters.
    Do not do this route with heavy rains (Ena River overflow).

    9,3 km
    320 m
    3h to 3h 30
  • Ravine of Sieste - Coño del Mundo

    Wear shoes to wet and swimsuit. We will ascend the magnificent ponds of San Martin to reach the confessional waterfall (Coño del Mundo). The return can be made by parallel (longer) trail or by the same river.

    5,5 km
    250 m
    3h to 4h
  • Guaso tower

    An emblematic place; Point that dominates the center of Sobrarbe. You will see a temple of 4 bows used to curse and to scare the storms. As an option you can walk along a path that runs around the hill.

    1,5 km
    100 m
    45 min to 1h
  • San Miguel hill

    Located on a hill that dominates the entire reservoir of Mediano and the South of Sobrarbe.
    There are 2 return options, long (cooler), short (sunny).

    3,2 km
    130 m
    1h 45 to 2h 15

    4,4 km
    175 m
    2h 15 to 2h 45
  • Buil and Sarratillo

    The center of "Biello Sobrarbe", a magical place with many surprises. Monumental churches, viewpoints, fossils and the curious alembic waterfall in Sarratillo (also called Anís cave).

    2,5 km
    40 m
    45 min to 1h 20

    Sarratillo - Alambique
    800 m
    30 m
    30 min
  • Jánovas

    It is the paradigm of uninhabited village, something very widespread throughout the region. Walking through its streets we travel to the past and try to find answer to the injustice in this valley of Ara. A ghost reservoir.

    2,5 km
    50 m
    45 min to 1h 30
  • Mediano

    Another emblem of Sobrarbe. The tower that emerges from the water is an icon of this region. When the reservoir is very low in August you can walk to it. If not, there are adventure companies that allow you to reach it in canoe.

    Tower without water
    2,5 km
    10 m
    45 min to 1h 15
  • Castle of Samitier

    The best viewpoint of the region. A truly medieval place that takes us to real film scenarios, stone scenes from over 1000 years ago. With 4x4 you can climb to the top.

    4,4 km
    230 m
    2h 30 to 3h
  • Sarsa - Windmill

    We are in the Natural Park of Guara and in the beginnings of the River Vero. Ponds and limestone is usual.
    We propose a route that visits a mill and the photogenic village of Sarsa.

    3,5 km
    70 m
    1h 20 to 1h 45
  • Olsón and ascent to San Benito

    The church of Olsón (XVI century) is traditionally called "The Cathedral" for its clean and solid beauty. These are the southern confines of the region and Aínsa-Sobrarbe.
    We propose as option to climb by path (PR) to San Benito in the Sierra de Arbe.

    600 m
    60 m
    25 min

    10 km
    470 m
    3h 30 to 4h